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Net Promoter Score

One of the most important needs for companies to grow their business is measuring their clients' satisfaction. Customer satisfaction strongly correlates with customer loyalty and therefore it becomes crucial not only to track it regularly but also to get insights into the reasons for its evolution and take action on them.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is often regarded as the gold standard for measuring customer experience. First developed in 2003 by Bain and Company, it’s now used by millions of businesses to measure and track how they’re perceived by their customers.

In 2022, The Talent Club companies began using Net Promoter Score by asking their talents, besides their client companies, about the level of satisfaction perceived at the different moments of interaction with our agents and consultants.

In this Masterclass, Luis Sánchez de León and Anna Zharova from The Talent Club will run you through the following topics:
- What is NPS and how it is calculated
- How the NPS score is interconnected with other key indicators within The Talent Club
- Why NPS is meant to become one of the key elements of continuous improvement of quality of service in
talent representation.

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  • Net Promoter Score
  • Test: NPS
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