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TALENT TALE: Tools to grow as a talent agent.

Get to know TALENT TALE, a new set of tools being developed at Lincoln, that will help you boost your performance as talent agents. It does not matter whether you operate in the HR recruitment sector or in the sports and entertainment or IT & Engineering worlds, TALENT TALE will provide you with the right assessment tools related to the soft skills of your represented talent or candidate.

Listen to Céline Jouffray and Christine Confais-Morieux, both co-founders of Talent Tale, for a first dive into this new set of tools ready to be used by you as a talent agent.

Through this masterclass, you will learn:

- What is TALENT TALE and who are the people behind it
- The importance for your talent and you, as his/her talent agent, to map his/her soft skills
- The possibility of building a roadmap for your talents ( and companies or teams hiring them) to better
understand the importance and development of the soft skills related to the current position/job.

How TALENT TALE´s tools provide the knowledge to grow your talents in time and along their careers, thus enhancing and extending your role as a talent agent
  • TALENT TALE: Tools to grow as a talent agent
  • Test: TALENT TALE, Tools to grow as a talent agent
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