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Improving Your Sales Performance

Selling our services in such a competitive environment is a complex task that requires a methodology. The most successful talent agents and consultants are those who follow a set of rules and principles that allow them to achieve their objectives, from telephone prospecting to the formulation and defence of a commercial proposal.

In this course, Jean Bruneau, a senior talent agent at LINCOLN, teaches us a methodology that will undoubtedly improve our commercial performance, allowing us to know in which areas we can improve our technique.

This is a course applicable to the sale of all types of services that require one or more meetings with the client.

At the end of this course, you will be able to :

- understand the keys to a good interaction with your prospect
- identify the phases and the order of the interaction with your prospect
- understand the objectives of each of these phases
- keep the focus on what is essential to achieve that objective
- identify the types of customers and be able to tailor your pitch to them
- define your areas of improvement for each stage and phase of the process
  • 1A. Connecting to our Customer - Telephone Prospecting
  • 1B. Connecting to our Customer - The Ambassador's Recomendation
  • 1C. Connecting to our Customer - Other Sources of Valuable Information
  • 2. Into a Sales Meeting: The Contact Phase
  • 3. Identifying the Needs of a Prospect
  • 4. The Motivations of a Buyer
  • 5. The Argumentation Phase
  • 6. Dealing with Objections
  • 7. Presenting a Sales Proposal
  • Test: Improving your Sales Performace
Règles d'achèvement
  • Toutes les unités doivent être complétées
  • Conduit à un certificat d'une durée: Toujours